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All Rights Reserved. Simply upload a jpg file, then choose your project size and number of colors to see what it would look like as a latch hook project. How exactly do you transfer the image onto the linen? Use the [browse] button to choose a file, then choose [Send File] to see all of the options and create your free latch hook project. Supplies: blank latch hook canvas, latch hook, yarn (you can buy pre-cut latch hook … It is adorable. Beginners, add the Lila Fretz book ($5.95, below) to your order for excellent illustrations and advice for hooking your first rug.Each Traditional rug hooking kit includes pattern with generous edge allowance and machine-serged edge, instructions and photo, beautiful hand-dyed and as-is wool, binding tape and a re-usable vinyl zipper storage bag. Simply upload a jpg file, then choose your project size and number of colors to see what it would look like as a latch hook project. Mainly where to find the supplies you’ll need to get started and once you have those supplies, how to draw out your patterns. And do you go over the lines after you take the pattern off? . I have dreams of taking these techniques into an ultra-modern pop direction someday. ... 2. I look forward to these tutorials, thanks Mavis! New customers can order a 30 swatch New Customer Mailer for $5.00. Although I LOVED the creative process, the rugs never really fit with the Pottery Barn type look of the inside of my home. Thanks for listening, *All patterns are hand drawn on our own primitive linen. So when that happens, I draw the pattern freehand or use things from around the house {like bottles and cookie cutters} for the shapes I need. Have fun with your project and send me a picture when you’re done. . I started my 20 x 20 rug 3 weeks ago, and only have one tiny little section left to do! … Hi Mavis, I just wanted to let you know how much I love spending time with you each day on the computer. They cost around $2.85 each and it typically takes tiny amounts of several different colors to create the warm, primitive colors I like to use in my rugs. I’ll be posting a tutorial on ho to dye wool later today. Put the hook through a hole in the burlap, wrap the wool around the hook on the underside of the burlap, and pull the end of the wool up through the hole. If this all seems like too much work, although buying a kit is probably the most expensive way to get started, if you are only wanting to hook one rug, it may be the cheapest in the long run because you won’t have to invest in things like books, linen, wool and dyes. Have gotten so many great ideas and recipes. In the olden days people would make rugs out of necessity {to use or to sell}, not for pleasure. It is the dainty version of rug making, which uses grids large enough to cover a floor and fewer colors than latch hooking. How do you cut your wool in to strips? Aim to make your rug the width of the door, or slightly greater. I know that’s not helpful at the moment, but it will be a very detailed post when it’s finished. You can  find inspiration from the several rug hooking books available for sale online or through your local library. Rug Hooking Pattern Designs by Sheri Bennett, New! rug hooking books available for sale online, Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Set, From her original idea, to a pattern ready for you to hook, hours and sometimes days and weeks go into it, until she is satisfied that it is a hookable design for you to enjoy. After 10+ years of rug hooking without a frame, last summer I bought a frame and quickly decided using a frame just wasn’t for me. Take a strip of wool and hold it underneath your pattern. 4. Wow! Thanks for any advice you can provide. I think you’d LOVE wool if you made the switch. . It’s pretty simple. Sometimes I get lucky and find them at the thrift store. Pull it up as high as it is wide. I learned on my own. Free postage on all orders over £40! Cut each one by placing it into a miter box to ensure an accurate, straight cut with a hobby saw. Is this easy to learn on my own or should I take a class? Brad’s grandpa always cut up old wool clothing for his rugs. Use the [browse] button to choose a file, then choose [Send File] to see all of the options and create your latch hook project. Print out your pattern and look for yarns that match the colors in your pattern. Rug hooking is sort of a unique hobby in that most of what you need to get started, cannot be found in your local craft store. These affiliate links help support this site. Do you mean get a newsletter? Keeping the yarn in place, slide the tool under a straight (never twisted) line in the rug canvas. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you keep tension by sitting on the edge of the fabric? And it was only last year that I finally made a rug for myself {the one in the top photo}. Image > scale imageAdjust the number of colors., Do you still sell your rugs? To get started, buy a hand hook (it'll cost around $1.25) from a crafts supply store. Well, actually it’s not, rug hooking is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but finding the supplies, the inspiration, and all the little tips and tricks, that’s the hard part for a newbie. Bonarty DIY Rug Kit Colorful Horse Latch Hook Kits Cushion Cover Rug Making Kits DIY for Kids/Adults with Printed Canvas Pattern 60 x 40cm 4.7 out of 5 stars 21 £18.88 £ 18 . My husband helped me out for free…he took a sturdy old wooden picture frame and tapped small finish nails on the outer edge of the frame on all four sides. Is that what I’m looking for? Squee! Rug Patterns by Lin's Primitive by Design, Primitive Spirit Rug Hooking Patterns by Karen Kahle-Patterns and Kits, NEW!! I like to hook with wool strips {a #8 or 8.5 cut} and although I know it can be done with wool strips instead of yarn, I feel like the Oxford Punch is more for yarn or a smaller cut of wool strip. The other thing I like about your rugs is more pattern versatility than with locker hooking. I LOVE THIS! In my case, I wanted a 5×8 rug for underneath the couch. Rug Hooking Pattern Designs by Debbie Maddox, New Designs from Texas Rug Artist Melissa Eisenbach, Patterns and Kits for Beginning Rug Hookers, Designs by Shelley Lencioni, Polly Minick Paper Rug Hooking Patterns - Free Shipping, Fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving Patterns, Miller Pencil Hook Vinyl Handle #2 - Free US Shipping. I LOVE hand dying wool. Will it say 100% wool? Aug 20, 2020 - Explore Gidget Lowther's board "hooked rug patterns", followed by 183 people on Pinterest. Just happened upon your reply and wondered if the new rug hooking posts were up? I’d love to see it! Pull the wool to the surface and adjust the height of the loop. You can get rug … I hope I have not overwhelmed you with too much information. Just got mine. This craft project comes from Everyday Art and is an adorable way to spruce up a bedroom. As I’ve gotten older and narrow in on a certain style I’ve started to create patterns of my own and offer them on Etsy for sale through my online Etsy store. See more ideas about rug hooking designs, rug hooking, rug hooking patterns. And this toothbrush rugmaking sounds fascinating! It is a whole new world! It’s cheaper {about $3-20 a yard vs $45 – $60 a yard} and you get to create the colors you really want instead of having to buy what someone else is selling. Tension isn’t a problem for me {probably because I’ve been hooking so long}. Set aside two pieces of PVC pipe to work with. Copyright © 2020 One Hundred Dollars a Month - Disclosure Policy - Design by Sharon Hujik, Room Decor on a Budget: Easy Tissue Pom Poms, Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs with Glow Sticks, My Trip to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Part One. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our plans! Rug Hooking Patterns We currently offer patterns by several artists. And not finding everything at Michael’s only makes it better!! If you’re in need of a bath rug, then this might be the perfect project for … Latch hook rug kits typically come with backing, pattern, and wool. That’s awesome. Decide on the width that your rug will be. Creating a Custom Latch Hook Pattern in Gimp: This uses GIMP software to make a latch hook rug pattern out of digital picture.Steps:Rescale the image so that each pixel represents a single thread. It takes time to find your groove, learn from your mistakes, and to realize the absolute beauty of a finished piece is it’s uniqueness and imperfection. Since I have no idea where to start I am looking forward to your upcomming instructions. Take your hook, holding it in your hand as you would a pencil. I just recently started my very first rug hooking project and did not want to invest in a costly frame. Next week, I will post a tutorial on how to dye wool and after that, I’ll show you how to use everything mentioned above to hook your own rug. , Mavis, you are so talented.i wish I knew just one of your talents. It should be marked on the tag. You can change the colors and make the rug perfect for any room so whether you are decorating a child’s bedroom, a living room or even your own room, just pick your color and create a stunning rug that is certain to be a conversation starter. Until next time, enjoy finishing your projects, and creating beautiful things every day! These days I am selling my own patterns in my online Etsy shop. You can subscribe in the upper right hand corner. Hang out with Mavis & Lucy right in your Inbox! By creating your own iron-on paper, you make a design you can transfer to your latch hook fabric. Hi Tammy, I have never used wool yarn before, just wool strips. I admire the rugs you make and would love to make my own. Rugs, rug making and rug kits from Readicut, home of the finest crafts. Choose from our wide online selection of rug patterns and designs. X JCL. Looking for wool in second hand stores, how do I know what to look for? Grab both ends of the single piece of yarn and try to keep the ends together evenly. I lay the pattern on top of the linen and then use a sharpie to trace it on the linen. I’m getting old, and I’m finally realizing that it’s okay to make something {and keep} it for myself. They sell for around $10. Okay, so that’s it for this week. The small nail heads (left sticking out approx 1/4 inch) are just enough to catch the material (hooking quality burlap) and allow me to stretch it to a nice tight surface. When I buy paper patterns I will typically enlarge the pattern to the size I need then copy it onto a piece of Tru-Grid interfacing before then transferring the pattern to my rug hooking linen. I prefer to use ivory linen backing for my hooked rugs. Very curious to see how you hook without a frame. It can be used to make small rugs, wall hangings, or pillows. You can’t be as picky about specific colors but it doesn’t get much cheaper than thrifting for woolen clothing! Looking forward to seeing the tutorial! I had no idea! Twocatsanddoghooking‘s sailing kit uses … Back then I could whip out 2 mini hooked rugs a day {5″ by 8″} and maybe one or two larger ones a month. I’ve used recycled wool skirts cut up into strips before and they worked just as well. Finally, after all these years of living/breathing in high maintenance suburbia, my dream home on the East Coast is in sight. Image > mode >indexed >generate cus… I just have it in my lap as I hook. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1. The basic idea behind using a rug hooking frame is that the grips {or teeth} hold your fabric in place while you hook. Mar 1, 2012 - Explore Rebekah Fowler's board "Rug Hooking Design Ideas & Free Patterns", followed by 892 people on Pinterest. I’m getting inspired again!!! Last year I rekindled my love for rug hooking and as a result of posting pictures of the primitive style rugs I have been making, a few of you have asked for a tutorial on the subject. Thanks. And that anyone can order something from Pottery Barn, but not everyone is going to invest 200 hours into making a one of a kind rug. Start with a piece of graph paper and blow it up in a copy machine until the grid is the same size as the grid of your latch hook fabric. Deborah Nay. You are so flipin’ talented, you need to make one for your farmhouse. Cut the pipes to be 4 inches wider than the width of your project. From simple barnyard animals to complex artistic images, your ability to create pieces of art is limitless when you know … Finally, texture may be overlooked, but it plays a huge role in creating layered and lush room design. Insert the tool until the tool’s handle hits your canvas, then draw it … 3. Rug hooking is one of those hobbies you have to invest a lot of time into if you want good results. Hey guys! For the last 10 years or so I’ve been ordering my wool from Rebecca Erb’s Wool Studio. I quickly learned starting with a quality product made all the difference and it was worth every penny. Do you use an Oxford Punch? Use a Serger to Prevent the Ends of Your Rug Hooking Fabric from Unraveling. I was just learning to rug hook, I would want to learn how to use one. Etsy, £45.15. Two Cats and Dog Hooking’s sailing kit. My fabric stash may have to make a shift to wool. I just had to give rug hooking a try to so purchased a kit, watched quite a few YouTube videos, and finally started on my small project last night. The other thing I like about your rugs is more pattern versatility than with locker hooking. In all that time, I NEVER made a rug for myself. Also, do you always use wool or have you also used wool yarn? 88 Once you understand how to read a pattern and how to work the latch hook tool, latch hooking … Steps 1. I would love to do rug hooking. I hope this info helps you to enjoy your new craft on a budget. P.S. If you’d like I can put one for sale in my Etsy shop for you to purchase. My roll of netting is smaller than that, so I did some quick math to determine how many pieces I would need to cut to make a 5X8 rug … Rugs I plan to use at my front and back doors, in the kitchen and in the bedrooms. You make the prettiest rugs! That being said, I personally LOVE hand dying my own wool. Crocheted Bath Rug. Learn which colors are represented by which symbols on the chart. I have made several rugs using locker hook (or anchor hook) technique. Yes. I want to join your do I do this?? ... 44 thoughts on “ How To Make Your Own Spiffy Rug Hooking Frame ” gail says: What a fantastic idea rug hooking is fairly new in australia ezpecilly as i live in the outback people like you help me a lot thank you gail. Thanks for this post, Mavis! I am on disability and I really need to learn something to use my time.I stay depressed all the time just sitting around doing nothing. I have not. Copyright � 2018 and Lakeside Oaks Rug Hooking. I am new to rug hooking and wondered what you used before the frame? The kit came with a 4mm and it is just way to large for the monk’s cloth that was sent. A lot of the time I’ll see a design online I like, but that I want to adapt to suit my taste. You can spend upwards of $50 for a handmade one, but even after all these years, I’m still using the basic one. Thanks for sharing! You can buy rug patterns at any rug hooking company, but what if you want to design your own? Snowy Owly a friend! The frame was too difficult for me to manage. I’ve been shopping for rugs lately to make our house feel cozy and warm, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at hooking a rug for our place. So I’ve decided to break down the ins and outs of rug hooking a bit and do 3 or 4 posts over the next few weeks. My rugs are fairly indestructible, but I bet wool would be even more so! Before I started blogging full time, I sold my primitive hooked rugs on Ebay. I am working on a series of rug hooking posts right now to post later in the spring. I love your blog!! by Patterns and Kits by Karen Worthington at The Blue Tulip Woolery, Northwest Folk Design by Marijo Taylor Hooked Rugs, Fredericksburg Rug Patterns and Complete Rug Hooking Kits, NEW! Thanks so much for all the info I’ve never done rug hooking before and I want to give it a try but as I watched so many videos it was always expensive but now with your help of what to use its way better please make more videos for newbies. I love that your HH made you a little homemade frame. Make sure to pay attention to the width of your rug as you go, and keep it as even as you can. When I was first starting out I tried using burlap {it’s crap, and it breaks, don’t try it} and then monk’s cloth because it was cheap{er}. Can’t wait. No, I don’t sit on the rug. If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a pattern recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance. How do you like it? You will lay your pattern over the top of the frame, clamp one side, then tug down on the backing and clamp the other side. I need another craft like I need a hole in my head, but you have me “hooked”! I draw the design using a pencil, so that I can erase and change or move things. I haven’t started anything with it yet. In recent years I’ve had good luck finding patterns on Etsy on occasionally in quilt shops. Once you learn the foundation of skills involved in pulling up loops of fabric or wool, you can make virtually any design you desire. She offers such an amazing assortment of colors and textures {the selection is always changing} that it has become my one shop for buying wool. × Do you iron it on or trace with a sharpie? While I do sell patterns and and dyed wool in my Etsy shop from time to time, you can also google “Rug Hooking Wool” to find a boatload of sites selling both regular, and hand dyed wool. NEW! But old habits die hard, LOL and I just can’t get into it. Hold your punch needle as you would a writing utensil. I hope this tutorial inspires you to turn your Rug Hooking Patterns into a Pillow for your own family to love, or to just start rug hooking! Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Set I use the set above instead of shelling out big bucks for fancy dye spoons. Nancy, Your email address will not be published. Determine what length you’d like your rug to be. LOL Or maybe it is just me….. When I first started rug hooking, I learned how to using a Cushing Hook. I have also tried naalbinding , aka toothbrush rugmaking – a knotted technique that pre-dates knitting and crochet) but there is a really high learning curve with those, that is, if you want a flat rug. This type of weaving gives you a lot of control over your width since you can simply tighten or loosen your strip as you make … Designs by Cal Creations Rug Hooking and Antiques - Adrienne Dykes, Rug Hooking Pattern Designs by Penny Hayes, New! It uses cotton fabric. Hill Country Rug Works by Bea Brock Designs-ON SALE NOW! If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a kit recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance. * If you have never hooked any of our patterns, Chris puts a lot of work into them. Rug Hooking Kits. I have never taken a class nor did I watch a video to learn how rug hook {I don’t even know that youtube was even available them}. I’m super curious. i have been hoping you would tell us more about rug hooking! {I LOVE THAT!!!} Insert the pointy end of the needle into your project canvas (which should already be prepped and framed, per the instructions above). How do you transfer the pattern onto the linen? Use your non-dominant hand to hold the tail end of your yarn to keep your tool threaded as you create the first loop. As an alternative, buy premade latch-hook transfer paper in a craft store. I love that rug in the first picture. I am taking pictures as I hook so you’ll be able to see how I create a rug start to finish. Required fields are marked *. Purchase a latch hooked rug kit. Wow! I have also tried naalbinding , aka toothbrush rugmaking – a knotted technique that pre-dates knitting and crochet) but there is a really high learning curve with those, that is, if you want a flat rug. I am making myself finish the other project I started before I start rug hooking, but I want to be prepared! I’m fairly certain if you were to take a poll of rug hookers, 95% of them use a rug hooking frame. Being retired I wanted t do the rug hooking as a completion to my bucket list. One thing I ended up doing right away is ordering a smaller hook. As always I hope this video finds you well and happy! Begin hooking the rug. Absolutely beautiful! As a result of that, I’ve started making larger rug. Read the instructions for the rug. If so, I would love the info on how to get one. I can’t wait to make Mr. carries a full line of patterns from many wonderful pattern designers. I just hook on my lap. I have tried jewerly making, knitting, Crocheting and I had to say but I am unable to do it. Sort out the cut yarn pieces by color. Our rug hooking kits are great for gifts or a great way to get introduced to rug hooking. You can do it. Give Lucy a squeeze! 44 Comments. You want to know why? Repeat the weaving process until you are about 2″ from the cardboard slots on the other end of the rug. It’s super easy. I got into rug hooking a few years ago, made my own pattern, started it, and then ran out of steam. It was a nice side income and I enjoyed staying up late hooking rugs at night and watching movies by myself when the kids were younger. Will let you know how it goes! Oct 7, 2014 - Crafters make pillows, rugs, afghans, wall hangings, bags and stuffed animals with rug hooking and locker hook techniques. Mavis, I think the rugs you make are beautiful, and I was wondering if you would share how you learned rug hooking. All I can say is FANTASTIC! You are quite talented! Sounds perfect! The projects are made with fabric and fibers with these two different crafts. And it deserves a post of its own so I will save that tutorial for next time. After buying the kit I find the frames more than I can manage now. By themselves, most of the colors are too bright for dying in my opinion. You’ll need these to dye your own wool. Before I had my serger, I ran over the ends of my rug hooking fabric with the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to prevent the ends of the fabric from unraveling while I worked on my rugs. I have learned so much!!! I am so fascinated by this craft/medium. If you become an active customer by ordering 2 yards {or $42.00}, you will be added to her quarterly swatch mailing list. So does the sharpie go through the paper onto the linen when you trace it well enough to see? The Dorr Mill Store  is also a great source for solid wool they are located in New Hampshire {but you can buy online} and their oatmeal wool is one of my favorites}.You can also read about  my trip to the Dorr Mill store to get a feel what the place is like HERE. Buying the pattern doesn’t make sense because I’ll only be incorporating a few of the original elements into my rug design. Draw your design on the graph paper. But the thing is, rug hooking is a little complicated. Is the rug with the pumpkins/jack o lanterns available as a kit? Aww thanks! Because it ‘s one of those hobbies like woodworking, or leather-craft that is not for the faint of heart. He did go the extra mile and added an angled base to it so that I could sit it on my lap, but I certainly could have made it work with just the frame itself. This post may contain affiliate links. lol. Some people use monk’s cloth because it costs less, but I prefer to use linen because it is nice and sturdy and doesn’t stretch. Look for the Gnome and enter your email address and follow the directions. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. Your email address will not be published. The easiest way I have found for getting my design on linen is to begin with a large piece of paper, large enough to accommodate the entire design. There are endless pattern ideas to hook. Other rug hookers also suggested a large quilting hoop, or an old picture frame and push pins, but I am loving my little home made frame. This week I am going to focus on the basics. See more ideas about rug hooking patterns, rug hooking, rug pattern. Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month. That’s it. Rug hooking has not changed much over the centuries, and with the simplicity of skill needed to create exquisite designs, why should it? Hi Mavis! Yes, you are looking for 100% wool.

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