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Born in 276 B.C. Those who've never seen Egypt's pyramids up close find their actual size a little hard to grasp. Q: Why was it once against the law in France to wear green clothing? Nine years. Anyone who "couldn't hold a candle" to somebody was thought none too swift. He won his bet. Why he so long was regarded as a bright fellow I do not know. A: To find out what wild foods they could eat safely. Q: The Atlantic Ocean is choppier than the Pacific, right? Which did Egypt get first, pyramids or beer? Odd, isn't it, that almost everybody has heard of the Spice Islands, yet hardly anybody knows their whereabouts. Historians say every great Greek battle commander eventually was exiled, sacked, indicted or fined. Q: Why is sheep meat, once it's roasted, called mutton? Garment hems. It is a scientific fact that if you spray yourself all over with garlic oil, the mosquitoes will leave you alone, too. Gravel and rock. A: Whimsical fellow, your dad. A: One John Dee, a contemporary of Shakespeare. Whence our word "cahoots." Hunters hate farmers and herders. It may not have been as important as control of fire, but rope added greatly to what people ate. I never understood how a sword in Dungeons & Dragons could hurt a ghost. The first curling irons. Johann Sebastian Bach composed almost but not quite one cantata every week for six years. Exactly how he found out is not in the record, but I believe it was legal. The gladiolus was another of nature's numerous early care packages. Under the Norman laws of old England, a man convicted of adultery paid his fine to the king, but a woman convicted of adultery paid her fine to the church. A: Explanations vary, but it should be noted such laws allow governments legally to confiscate the property of the deceased. 3120C: "Sad is the home where the hen crows and the **** is silent.". Sir, if you don't like your haircut, you can always mention that "barber" and "barbarian" came from the same root. "Nez Perce" means "pierced nose. Not the profoundest of his profundities maybe. What did earlier monarchs do? Antlers are bone, horns are mostly skin. Marco Polo built an extraordinary reputation for himself in his own time, not as the world's greatest explorer but as the world's greatest liar. During a cold snap, he had them covered with wood parquet to keep his feet warm. Some think a national capital ought to lie at the geographic center of its nation, but insofar as I know, Spain's Madrid is about the only one that so qualifies. A: From the armored knights who rode into combat with their ladies' scarves on their arms. A: Who isn't in the record, but why is. Presumably. That's the theory. Q: What's "Van" signify as the prefix to a Dutch name? A: Spaniards showed up with sheep in Navajo country, and the Navajos acquired some. In Swahili time, it's 0:00. Physiological spiritual union profile would be what defines what tribe you belong to, but it's a spiritual tribe and not necessarily specifically physical. You still see them there. In Armenian, no word can start with an "R.". Q: Doesn't the mane stand erect on some breeds of horses? Q: Understand a few early settlers of the Jamestown colony went immediately to live with the Indians. Oarsmen powered ancient Greek warships called triremes. And more ships came. What else? Gold toothpicks go back at least to 3500 B.C. Ancient tradition calls for wives and girls to give themselves in courtesy to any traveling man who visits the oasis town of Hami in China's northwestern desert. A: New Year's Day. Q: A "tush" is defined in my dictionary as "a canine tooth of a horse." They only get together briefly during mating season, and they're not much given to conversation then. Front legs get up first, too. They invented a jug with such a small opening it took six hours to fill. From there it went west to Persia and on. on what would now be around March 25th. Holy writ. Because of the city's name, the ore came to be known as magnetite. Scholars queried on this matter said they couldn't think of any, either. In Soest, Germany, is a 15th century church with a stained glass window depicting the Last Supper. Not because of any moral enlightenment. Satin. That color of red called magenta was named after a town in Italy, site of a battle where much blood flowed. Day lilies are edible. Taken by mouth. A Scottish leader named Sir William Wallace in 1305 was hanged, beheaded, disemboweled and quartered. Siberians used to pay their taxes with garlic. Or if any did, they were most exceptional. It is also one of the more comprehensive inventories of both vintage rugs as well as antique carpets that you will find anywhere (online or ��� Selkirk was still mad. Q: Where do most of the Mayan descendants live now? Or a call to assemble. Their flicking tongues in the sunlight looked like flames. Report out of Germany's Saxony is that approximately 50 classic medieval castles are for sale thereabouts. She should say "bee." L) Well, I think that obviously "tribal" means physiological spiritual union profile, and that that may have something to do with what we were talking about at a previous session when we asked about Caesar's soul group. A: From British soldiers. She was suddenly helpless. What would you do without the letters j, k, q, v, x and z? Q: What color lipstick did the women of ancient Egypt wear? As it pertains right down to it, in the event that you really want to leap larger, you just discovered the most effective program on earth to complete so. (Pierre) Is he planning to reincarnate? Q: How long is the shelf life of popcorn? His troops, however, married local girls, and they taught the children not French but English. They were called "Vigiles." Michelangelo never got around to completing two-thirds of his sculptures. It was the case among the old Anglo-Saxons, though. In Greek mythology, however, Atlas held up the heavens, not the earth. If he'd known she craved pork, he would have been liable, ruled the court. It takes place in the city of Rome under the rule of emperor Nero... During a whole series of ghastly exhibitions, including devouring by wild beasts, butchery by gladiators, and finally burning them on crosses by night-time to illuminate a luxurious banquet in Caesar's gardens...Vinicius attempts unsuccessfully to rescue Lygia from prison...the final games come around, in which Lygia and Ursus, According to Ovid (43 BC–17 AD), the Sirens were the companions of, In many ancient cults the goddess, along with her mother Demeter, is associated with vegetation and grain. Q: Didn't the Egyptians once use cats in warfare? Finally, to the Florida Keys, whence the "key" in "key lime.". Ancient Rome had rent-a-chariot businesses. Flag of ships carrying disease was the skull and crossbones. And died of blood poisoning therefrom. Imports, all. Was the custom in Worcestershire once to give a bough of mistletoe to the cow that bore the first calf after New Year's. But it's also a matter of record that Henry Hudson in 1609 gave brandy to Indians there. That was highbrow. Plato did not jog, diet or take maintenance medications. Cut something in half, and both its halves in half, then all those halves in half, and you'll finally come up with something too small to cut in half. The aura of ominous mystery lasted for centuries. In women's clothing, one sort of costume has remained in style longer than any other: The sar of India has been popular for 5,000 years. That's why Scandinavian "by-laws" are so called, too. This suggests why he became known as "The Father of History. Its members do central heating and air conditioning. He's the fellow who wrote: "There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.". 1453: "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.". Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love to Caesar was no less than his. Q: Ancient Egyptian portraits show the head in profile but the eyes to the front? Likewise the Louvre. Some lizards. They were made from that volcanic glass called obsidian. Cannons around 200 B.C.E. Explorers adopted the locals' food, and the locals adopted the explorers' word. It was called a "cadge," pronounced "codge." Green was the symbolic color of the old-time royalty in France. Another example of how old Rome commercialized Greek art. Now triangle traders no longer adore molasses. It didn't. The narrative of their friendship, separation, and beauty���s return at the last minute to save and transform him is gentle and efficient. Don't know who sold him that notion, but it was a pretty good way to move artichokes. Some historians think they were dreamed up by people astounded at their first sight of horseback riders. A: Not quite. The postmark, "Tisdale, Land of Rape and Honey." The juniper and the willow. Or so say the archives examiners. A: An allusion to Gotham, England. Far sharper than modern razor blades. Died about 194 B.C. That word "toadstool" did not start out as a "stool for toads." You know that hand game where you and your opponent mix and match the number of extended fingers? An inventor four centuries ago came up with a new ribbon loom, and it scared everybody in the weavers' trade. His wife said, "I thought all men smelled like that." Any pirate could tell you that the "main" in "Spanish main" alludes to South America's mainland. He was the first known to have calculated its circumference. A: Equivalent of about $400, but I don't know how much that amounted to there and then. A: A sundial's shadow rotates clockwise in the northern hemisphere. An ancient English proverb addresses this: "In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats." A: First known name was "Albion." It's said, still, infidelity is extremely rare among gypsy women. A scholar who has studied the matter says no synonym for the word "stutter" can be found in any American Indian language. So says one historian. His actual name was Aristocles. Before coffee, too. It was in 1687 that clockmakers first started putting not just one but two hands on clock faces. Q: The horse chestnut tree is so called because its shelled nut looks like the eye of a horse, right? It was the same Capt. Avoid pain. But the hog-bristle version remained the best for 440 years. Q: Didn't Queen Elizabeth I invent the gingerbread man? The finished building was like nothing seen … That atrocity for trophy is ancient. He certainly didn't think of his whereabouts as "the New World." But few could understand the translation. Everybody could get into wine, and did. Ireland's Irish know potatoes came late. In 1660, the local powers in Massachusetts told her to get out of their colony. Clearly, the "other woman" — even as the last will itself — is a social phenomenon of ancient origin. But rope rarely does. Took them a while. So the deities of fertility and culture were goddesses, not gods. Nations run by rulers who want to wage wars of conquest tend to reward families with many children. If you have a pet ferret, you've got a ferret. The ancient Hebrews believed the kidneys dictated the emotions. Interesting. 31A: "He who cannot dance blames the floor.". First gypsum quarries were in the Montmartre of Paris. In Siberia's region of Yakutia, the temperature falls as low as minus 58 degrees F sometimes, and sometimes rises as high as 100 degrees F. No other natural place on earth has a greater temperature range. Many but not all scholars believe the oldest continuously inhabited city in the western world is Spain's Cadiz. In the ship's dark depths, the captain's body counter often couldn't tell the difference. How many islands in the British Isles? When you visit there, you can stay in the "As You Like It Motel." A: Among the upper classes, indeed. It may not display this or other websites correctly. At least 5,500. "Amateur" comes from the Latin "amator" meaning "lover. Took two days to talk him into going aboard. No, not in the Florence Nightingale mode 10 centuries later. Hardly anybody, maybe nobody then, believed him. What was the second kitchen utensil invented? And until quite recently, most cultures have set great store by dreams. A: Devoutly. Maybe not, if you refuse to admit the Scots speak English. And how? No name is more common in nursery rhymes than Jack. Even back to armored knights. People who lived where laurel trees grew. looks like I've found my 'subject'... Q: Okay, discovered that one of the Percy estates was called 'Alnwick,' which startled me a bit after tracking wicks all over the place. People used Roman numerals at the last turn of the millennium. A: At 5 feet 2 inches, it taped 35-1/2 inches at the bust, 27-1/2 inches at the waist, and 36-1/2 inches at the hips. If you need professional help with completing any kind of homework, Success Essays is the right place to get it. In 1680, Maryland colonists noted in their records they ran out of supplies so fought off starvation by eating oysters. Oftentimes the cooks can explain just what the original piece looked like, and the way it was used, no matter how ancient the artifact. That came along much later. Poets. Q: In Shakespeare's day, sassafras tea, made with roots imported from the colonies, was a craze in England. Fires, yes. You didn't have to kiss her. Today's medical doctors couldn't have prescribed more appropriately. The Santa Maria was formally listed as La Gallicia, Nina as Santa Clara, and Pinta as another name long since lost. The word "gas" is common to almost all languages. Language mechanics sometimes mention this when they define the word "overkill.". Prostitutes in 15th-century Venice were required by local rule to solicit business only by appearing bare-breasted at open windows — thus to distinguish themselves from the many women thereabouts in other lines of endeavor. Q: Has anybody ever routinely ridden moose? You may ask who destroyed the reeds? Chinese Proverb: "A clear conscience never fears the midnight knock. Nowhere else can they find such a consistent pool of unmixed human genes for scientific study. Maybe he shouldn't have. In old Scotland, seaport women of the night wore what the Scots called a "cutty sark." Thereat, both men and women welcomed visitors. The allusion is to a newly married man, supposedly suggesting "a marriage between the eggs and the ham." You need to pat it on the neck where it can see what you're up to. "Polemics" comes from the Greek for "war.". Youngsters there go to Romeo and Juliet Elementary Schools, and to King Lear High. And got close enough so he couldn't miss. His papal decree stuck. Constantine changed all that. William Dampier, and jumped overboard. Left nothing but their wool. A: Because the violin bow wasn't invented until centuries later in the Middle Ages. Am still checking. So what's the rest? That's possible out there. Chinese Proverb No. Longevity isn't enough. More about elephants' tusks coming up. Chevrons, those insignia that look like roof rafters, originally represented roof rafters, in fact. Q: What have we got against eating horse meat, anyway? Correct, in England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak. ", If you trace "hurrah" through "huzzah" back far enough, you'll get to this dying cry of a Norseman: "On to paradise.". Consider place-names such as "Westchester," "Lancaster" and "Worcester." But he didn't know. Our word "hearse" came from the Latin for "harrow.". A: On just one, the only wild breed, Przhewalski's. Their word was mutton. On the old ships, three lines loose in the breeze let the ship wallow. The war chariot of ancient Rome needed a three-man crew. Those who look into the horrors of torture have come up with this terrible truth: Human beings can survive injuries that break all the bones in their bodies. It was the law in Hawaii, though, when Hawaii was a monarchy. The early pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving, but outlawed Christmas. Q: Oxen wear neck yokes. "Bells and motley" — no, not a law firm — is the traditional costume of the court jester. ", Aristotle thought farming was "natural," but retail trade was "unnatural.". Why? A: Wound up embalmed in a red leather bag that hung from his widow's bedpost for the last 29 years of her life. The most common given name on lengthy list is Ann. You know how we say "as good as gold"? Yet another, on July 10, 1940, when a British trawler sank after hitting a German mine. First buttons were carved seashells. That meant "white land." Ha! A: Might be oatmeal, kippers, bread and oatcakes with marmalade. It came from the notable Norman invader William de Percy. And a long half-slip that ties with drawstrings. However, does it make any sense? Binary trading is advertised as the only genuine system that lets users earn preposterous amounts of money in ridiculously short period of time. When French builders added to a structure something not included in the original design, they called it an "Hors d'Oeuvre." Q: In all the world, there are only four marble domes atop buildings. Most say nobody really knows. Q: When did people start using the nickname "Jack"? Cuna natives replied "panna mai" meaning "far away." Not everybody realizes there are almost a million sheep in Iceland. Even after they attained high office. Researchers with recording gear have determined that most sheep go "M-a-a" rather than "B-a-a.". It was a ritual among the Incas to bury selected children alive high above the permafrost line in the Andes. A: "The Beards." Circa 2000 B.C. How do we really know that that is what works historically? Many locals thought he'd brought it. Those ancients thought it was black bile in their systems that made them blue. With a decree called "The Stork's Law." He had been convicted of extortion, looting a monastery and two counts of rape. Superheated glass flows like honey. Heavy usage of concrete. That's where we got the word "odd.". In those beings’ own way, and by right, any one of them, if it so desires, has the power to keep the flame of awareness; the power to disobey the summons to ‘die and be consumed’. That's the canine shake-hands instruction in Gaelic. Check it out with Greeks of your acquaintance. It was found in April 1911 at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England. Rain storms in ancient Germany washed over old ruins. The coins were called "rainbow plates." Q: Who were the first people to use finger rings as marriage symbols? A: An allusion to biblical times when blue symbolized purity, and both brides and grooms wore blue bands around the bottoms of their wedding clothing. Q: Did you say Queen Elizabeth never wears any underwear? It's recorded that women of old Italy put belladonna in their eyes to makes themselves appear more attractive. A: Arrows from Welsh longbows. Q: How do you account for the fact that elephants, unlike almost all other animals, do not fight for territory? Which husband rightfully gets the lady, inquires a client. Q: First kitchen utensil invented is said to be the ladle. It was once a well-known word. Conn is a masculine English- and Irish-language given name, as well as an English-language surname. The first "belfry" was a war watchtower called a belfry before anyone ever hung a bell in it. In William Shakespeare's time, a "tomboy" was a girl who played around in a most promiscuous manner. Her many reincarnations included Helen of Troy, among others, and she finally was reincarnated as Helen, a slave and prostitute in the Phoenician city of Tyre. Q: What were the ancient Romans looking for when they invaded Britain? I thought that that would be kind of a useful thing. Because glass is fluid so flows downward, right? Germs can't live without moisture. Smallpox then identified numerous other maladies. But so was King Louis XIV. That country classic "The Streets of Laredo" goes back to an old English tune wherein the young hero did not die of bullet wounds but of a social disease. I didn't know there was a Berry in France either, but there is a line from the C's that has stuck in my mind. They drift thousands of miles and take root wherever they wash ashore. That's one of the numerous superstitions preserved for fun and fancy by the sophisticated population of Iceland. The Welsh make bread out of seaweed. It's continual. For example, in ancient Egypt the high priests used dreams for prophecies. It's a matter of historical record that Louis XIV owned 413 beds, plus, in a manner of speaking, an undetermined headcount of livestock therein. A: About 4,000 years ago. William described this consciousness as being both him and not him. Or so correspondents report. That quadruples a horse's efficiency. We think of them now as types of cloth, but they started out as types of weaving. A: A special lime. A: So say some historians. That was the color line drawn by the ancient Romans in their devotion to class distinctions. Others report Coronado brought over the Churro sheep from Spain in 1540. A: Under the Roman Empire it did. A: "Rapere." Whence: "vinegar.". At least one scholar contends that our distant ancestors stopped hunting to take up farming only after they figured out how to make beer. Q: What do you calla two-legged dragon with wings and a barbed tail? No recent artificial trick, this. They were neither Egyptian nor Romanian. Item No. The original marshals likewise tended horses. Thought it might discourage memory. Not all word tracers support this origin tale. Their label came down as our word "dismal.". Something else Europe has in common with Antarctica is neither has any native parrots, and you can't say that about the other continents. Jean Nicot was a 16th-century French foreign ambassador who first took tobacco to France. Without it, their polarity remains spiritually sterile and they. The latter means "Beyond the Hindu Kush", where the Hindu Kush is referred to as Uparaesanna ("higher than. An anonymous student of humans wrote: "History repeats itself because nobody was listening the first time.". In his "The Art of Love." A fox hunts alone. Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less. In Latin, "virus" means "poison.". Its tree went from Asia to Spain to the Caribbean. My mind was blown. The Palace of Versailles was built without any toilets. A: That's an alteration of the Yiddish "tokhes," down from the Hebrew "tahat" meaning buttocks. The Agua is a dead volcano in Guatemala. What's not always explained in tales of medieval knighthood was just how chivalry worked. This interest geneticists. A K-9 with this name should be a beast. A: It draws moisture out of everything it touches. Before people gave up meat for Lent, they celebrated with a "carnival." He said a certain specific light streaking across the sky was a comet; he was right. Reasonable. Some other way would simply be a spend of time. Turn the boy over to the town elders to be stoned to death. Moisture within cheese lets mold form. That evolved to "ducky." And none too long ago — not even a couple of hundred years, give or take a few. The word "mummy," in fact, comes from the Arabic "mumiya" meaning pitch. …only last week, a dream where I found myself in a 'head masters' office discussing progress with a group of, Fergus mac Róich is a character of the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology… The name Fergus (later Irish Fearghus) means "man-strength" or "virility", and Fergus is described as being of enormous size…, Fergus or Feargus is a common Scottish or Irish male given name derived from Scots Gaelic, meaning the angry (one) or the, Q: (L) …we have a question from our daughter who had some strange dreams about, A: Leaves are of the Tree of Apples, from whence we get. And "to file down the teeth of a horse to obscure its true age thus to get a higher sale price.". One old English Christmas dish consists of suet, flour, sugar, raisins, nuts and spices tied loosely in a cloth, and boiled. The First Thought then descended into the lower regions and created the angels. Q: If no asps lived in Cleopatra's Egypt, how come the story says she was bitten by one? So called by Vikings. In the Western Hemisphere where chilies grew, natives liked to eat them. If true, that would make it the oldest adhesive known so far. The muzzle loader has "paraphernalia.". Nearby was mined a black iron oxide with polarity properties. The "stable" in "constable" suggests the first constables had something to do with stables. A: Its weight in silver shillings. Sharp mountains with volcanoes. Scalping has been common among combatants of different races. In early falconry, a man no longer young enough to fly his own bird wound up toting the wooden frame on which live hawks were carried. What she was supposed to do thereafter is not in the record at hand. A: Henry VIII of England. What they started — men's neckwear fashion — has stuck. They hanged her. Benevolent? In the Love and War files about old China is a notation that a bride was permitted to go through her planned wedding ceremony, even if her groom had just died. When fires broke out, roads around them bogged down with private vehicles. The Greek-born Roman playwright Terence said that, but not first, evidently. "Finance" in its Latin origin meant "to end a debt," but that's not exactly how it works anymore. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: —Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved 1555 Rome more. They lived 10,000 years without the influences of any other societies. These nibbled grass roundabout. The soldiers didn't get the message, so stayed. But if it went out, sorry, Jack. Daily Life in the Roman City. But he never got a chance to read the book. A few of the places must-see from Vienna are: the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Chapels of St. Eligius, St Tirna, and St. Catherine and South Tower or Schönbrunn Palace. Philip the Fair ruled France in the early 14th-century. Peruvians in 1610 made mortar with the whites of 10,000 eggs instead of water. Q: Did you ever find out who authored the first full-length novel in human history? Here are my favorite Sex & The City Quotes! The portraits of Julius Caesar are more veristic than those of Pompey. He died in 2601 B.C. Then to China. Trick was to get up to 12 knots within 30 seconds. Into the stone sidewalks of ancient Rome were carved the borders of special places where pedestrians could pause to play hopscotch, jacks, dice, or whatever. Q: You said Queen Victoria was the first of the European monarchs to close the bathroom door. A kitchen mechanic advises: Wrap cheese loosely. You may recall our Love and War man has said a popular utterance on a first date is: "I want to know more about you." To get comprehensive coded definition in government? In the middle of the darkness I saw an explosion of light (we constantly see small bursts of light) but this time the intensity of the explosion was greater. Why the ancient Egyptians so disliked red hair I don't know. Ancient healers dried plants to make medicines. Nobody knows. But they duplicated the reverential gesture in secret by crossing their fingers. A: Early Chinese ceremoniously jabbed pinpricks into selected compatriots to draw blood drops for sacrifice. It's the Jostedal. Confucius knew nothing of Socrates. He was doing his best work about the time William Shakespeare was born. Q: Do deer in the wild ever die of old age? Chopped cabbage aged in rice wine was the first sauerkraut. A: No, sir. Amy Barlow Could Dig Every Flat Garden Heroically. And that wasn't entirely serviceable for later arrivals. In China once it was forbidden to step on any piece of paper with writing on it. Poplin. I don't have any dreams about Caesar yet, or so it seems.I can only comment on a couple of facts that were important to me about Cesar. That truth is revealed through the. Pheasants have been seen to get drunk on old grapes. Finally, two men, an uncle and his nephew with the same name, in an undated shipwreck. Franciscan monks in the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin wear cloaks with hoods that fall in a V over their foreheads. The deadly Japanese martial art that uses nothing but a fan is called "tessenjutsu.". In it. A: Because their votes scratched thereon couldn't be erased. If Christopher Columbus hadn't reached what's now the Dominican Republic on a Sunday, he wouldn't have called it Dominica. Rulers of ancient Rome required offspring to care for their family's elderly. The Aztecs knew all about corn, but nothing about hens' eggs. The Netherlands was at war with Spain. So they tossed in an extra loaf for each dozen to legalize the average loaf weight. On the day Hadrian headed his barge into the Nile, rain came, finally. It started out as the girth of a Saxon. And pulled sleds with them. "Shambles" used to mean "slaughterhouse.". Julius Caesar, the rival of Pompey, had ambitious plans to rebuild the city, but his assassination took place before these could be put into effect; it 18 Daily Life in the Roman City. would remain for Caesar's adopted son, Augustus, to take up where he had left off. Such as a cart before a horse. That was why Europeans hung the redskin tag on them. The commander shaved the head of a trusted slave and tattooed thereon: "Incite Ionia To Revolt." Out of that came "humbug.". The trinity — three — is lucky. Hardly noteworthy numbers for potentates. At least, that's how the young African pygmy did it, traditionally, to prove his courage. In northwest Hungary is the town of Kocs where craftsmen built the best wagons of their time. They can get weird. 36A: "One may survive distress, but not disgrace.". Do you regard the renowned painter and sculptor, Michaelangelo, as one of the greatest poets of all time? History records that Sir Isaac Newton lost the equivalent of about $2 million speculating on South Sea stocks. That Lady Godiva rode nude on a white horse through the streets of Coventry makes an excellent story. Camels do that. A: She bet Marc Antony she could drink 10 million sisteria — maybe $500,000 — worth of wine at one sitting. Native jugglers have been observed in so many separate places on earth that scholars have come to believe juggling is instinctive. Back when most people ate off wooden trenchers, many objected to crockery plates because they dulled knives. Provoked civil war and ended republic. Scree comes from a Scandinavian word for landslide. They haul sand and seaweed up from the shore, there to wash and compost same. Q: If the Egyptian mummies aren't the oldest, which mummies are? Among the most powerful men in French politics going into the 17th century, Duke d'Epernon made many enemies. Or so the word mechanics think. Before electric lighting, almost every grownup on earth knew that the moon rises about 50 minutes later every night than the night before, but hardly anybody remembers that anymore. A: Constantine I, first Christian emperor of Rome. First toothbrushes with hog bristles showed up in China in 1498. He bequeathed his wealth to his wife, three children and to an "other woman" not now identifiable. Nigeria is quite a mix. Still at large are positive persons who contend the only animal with a straight backbone is the camel. From there to India. Experienced African hands see it. Aristotle believed men have more teeth than women. Today's newspaper, typically, 6,000 words. A: There've been a few. He and his brother Bleda jointly inherited the Hunnish Kingdom. Eventually, a fist was just called a "duke.". A: A broken wooden spear estimated to have been shaped earlier than 200,000 B.C., before radiocarbon dating limits. Q: Is it true the Mongols put their children on horses as soon as their toddlers could walk? Medieval priests invented that ball-on-chain battle club called the mace as a substitute for the sword. And the Irish called them "Uim bog" meaning "soft metal." A: A line that holds the angle of the sail. I would like to know if this was just a story these guys made up? Greeks came up with the first textbooks. Few realize cocoa got to Europe before tea did. Typical street dentist of 300 years ago sallied down the byways of Europe in the company of horn players and drum beaters. The common posture of prayer for centuries was the spreading of the arms with palms and face cast upward toward the heavens. Q: What's the westernmost point in continental Europe? The Romans threw clay images into the Tiber River, and that, too, was oftentimes followed by rain. Or their word for it. Those coins had little intrinsic value. What we call whooping cough the Koreans call donkey cough. Heavy rains filled the great hollow cone with water, making a deep crater lake, and the torrents turned the mountainsides to mud. A: Roman invaders found it growing wild in England and cultivated it. Or did. "Manhattan" came from Indian words meaning "high island," according to most authorities. Does the cat in your house, if any, accept the notion there are places in your house where a cat can't go? A: Indeed, that's the "tomato effect." "O" is the oldest letter in any known alphabet. Ancient Egyptians mummified both cats and mice. In 1711, King George I looked upon the newly completed St. Paul's Cathedral in London and turned to the architect, Christopher Wren, and murmured, "Aweful! That skullcap worn by popes, cardinals and bishops is called a "zucchetto," and the prescribed colors for these notables are white, red and purple, respectively. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Too many comatose people were buried alive. Alfred the Great's translation of Orosius's history of the world uses. Don't ask. Those early commanders feared they'd run out of soldiers, and they needed more soldiers to kill more soldiers. How so? It wound up a few years later as a donation to the British government. General attitude among slave masters was: If one cabbage treatment or another can't heal a sick or injured slave, get rid of the slave. Nations run by rulers who want to live peaceably are inclined to promote birth control. Dampier who saw Selkirk's campfire smoke nine years later and sent a boat ashore. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR THE FOODSERVICE PROFESSIONAL Lendal H. Kotschevar, Ph.D., FMP Valentino Luciani, CHE Second Edition John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ��� Prehistoric little horses were here 10,000 years earlier. He said, "Matrimony is always a vice. ", English Proverb: "What good is running if you're on the wrong road?". An execution by hanging takes 21 feet of rope. Of course, of course. Schönbrunn Park and Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Q: How would I say "hello" in the classic manner of old Japan? A horror story, clearly. The Baroque style is noted for its use of exaggerated motion and rich, minute detail in order to bring out ��� Some Irish say the old cow starved to death. The poor stoned her. Maybe so. Mostly, scholars surmise, one Neanderthals ceremonially ate another in the hope of acquiring from the devoured denizen such a characteristic as strength or courage. If you're a teacher, ask the principal. Q: How long has the famous Vienna Boys' Choir been singing? It has been pointed out the great difference was they were poor before they got there. It was the symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom. The word is "glamour. Some archaeologists think the mysterious stone construction in England started out as a cattle corral, then turned into a ritual butchering ground. History indicates the Tasmanians never committed adultery. What Leonardo Da Vinci really was trying to do when he invented scissors was demonstrate leverage. . Both the words "sugar" and "candy" derive from languages of India. I think people should find out if they have any ancestors or deceased relatives or somebody who were good and decent people who one can talk to mentally or communicate with by writing letters to them, or dream communication, and ask them for protection. Than butterflies... Do a few biceps curls every time you pick up shopping bags. at Cyrene, Libya. Then comes an overnight rain, and in the morning they're all over the place. In what was a nice surprise, ‘Laura’ paid a lovely dream visit the night before last. A: When William the Conqueror from France's Normandy invaded England in 1066, he decreed French the official language. A: Olympic Games, 642 B.C. Not every word mechanic accepts the common explanation that the "bull" in "bulldog" comes from that canine's history in bull-baiting spectacles. Steepling of the hands under the chin was an artist's creation of recent generation. Even back then, many realized the Earth was a globe. Another on Minnesota's State Capitol. . "Alfalfa" comes from the Arabic "Al-fac-facah" meaning "the father of all foods." A: Weren't any. We collected the most famous paintings, sculptures, busts, and statues of historical figures, and now we're bringing those faces to life. The galli castrated themselves during an ecstatic celebration called the Dies sanguinis, or "Day of Blood", which took place on March 24. Nik'ure, son of an Egyptian pharaoh, died in 2601 B.C., leaving the oldest known last will and testament. God then descended in the form of, (Galatea) …Is there anything particular about the. So it would up in the vernacular as "out in the sticks. A: If you mean today, no one country claims that credit. Street pollsters say they can't find one person in 1,000 who knows the difference between Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Scholars report the original biblical texts alluded to them as great fish, but the King James Version used "whale" or "whales" a number of times. Then Spanish priests ominously warned that they were sex stimulants. Mythmakers of ancient England spoke of a monster in the shape of an emaciated cow called "Chichevache" that ate nothing but faithful wives. They noted in ancient heraldry that the bearer had done something significant, had built a house maybe, and had founded a family. "Eclipse" comes from the Greek for "failure. In 1608. It was rejected. In one operation, it's recorded, he: 1. A luminescent marine worm with a long name surfaces in the Caribbean periodically, and glows. A: Make that famous European — history records it was Casanova. Q: When did kissing first turn up in recorded history? It was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who suggested a woman with a small bustline could enlarge it by singing, loudly and often. And Peter’s query to the risen Christ (quo vadis) was answered; ...a female folk healer or medicine woman who uses herbs or psychoactive plants, magic, and spiritualism to treat illness, induce visions, impart traditional wisdom, etc. Even at this late date, an Internet word chaser is still in search of a rhyme for "purple." Certain scholars now, however, claim it was a mistake. Sioux Indians played it before the Europeans showed up. The Commentaries, Old, New, and derivative, on the Book of the Law, Liber Al vel Legis, featuring a holograph comparison, notes from numerous editors through time, and the consolidation of the Qabalistic Appendix which had been intended from the first by the Beast. Rainstorms in ancient Germany washed over old ruins. You can't call it "Port" wine, according to the law of Portugal, unless the grapes were grown in Porto. Q: What are the people of Azerbaijan called? What's therein comes from the sweet bay laurel, a broadleaf evergreen with glossy deep-green leaves. Misers make unholy lovers.". But people kept asking what it meant, so their continuing questions finally gave the word a different definition. You can grow into it according to some criteria... “graduate” was the term used. Why? A: No difference except in the origin of the words: Pigeon comes from the French, dove from old English. The New Testament, approximately 4,800 words. Q: Where'd our words "hocus pocus" come from? It's relatively recent, purposely crossbred to bring out that wolf look. A: One of Columbus' captains, Vicente Yanez Pinzon. We the people are wondrously slow to see the obvious, are we not? Quite so. She wasn't much for water. Unwesternized Chinese never talk while they eat. Slave ships brought them back to the Western Hemisphere. It's understandable, I think, that nobody pays attention to the female archivists in Great Britain who claim the records show Lady Godiva was not nude but merely "stripped of all signs of her rank." It became a political label for Republicans who refused to support their party's candidate in the 1884 election. Some but not all tubs were half-covered. You recall those Sumerians, certainly. Women who wore same couldn't walk any too well on cobblestones. A Scotsman refers to the hindquarters of his horse as its "curple.". First prize was a "woman of well-rounded domestic skills.". A: An allusion to a firebrand "fresh and glowing as from a furnace." To countless Danes who have never chewed tobacco, the name "Copenhagen" means "Merchant's Harbor" to designate the capital city. And everybody started wanting bread smeared with milk paste. It was called "The Fundamental Orders." A: So the groom's right hand can be free to draw a sword and hack down any brute who attacks her. Remarkable costume, the sari. How many times have you paused to consider that the quince has been under cultivation for more than 4,000 years? Saint Jerome was a ��� Q: A "mugwump" is a political independent. A: That's from the Talmud, and it says, more specifically, men should be careful lest they cause women to weep, for God counts their tears. So his engineers invented the catapult. That's where the name came from. Ivy stems grow toward the smallest shade. Why? A Love and War man item, if ever I've seen one. Usually, it's her choice, but laws vary. Q: You said the Japanese "sukiyaki" means "roast hoe," but how did it come to be a food dish? Hello, thank you for sharing your experiences and research. Skeletal remains show nobody who lived 10,000 years ago in that place now known as Pakistan had dental cavities. Q: How come "tortilla" means omelet in Spain but cornmeal flatbread in Mexico? A trace of chromium makes it an emerald — green. A: Never. Pirates thought the disease emblem might scare off unwanted boarders so they took it for their own. Why not? Report is our "to curry favor" is a twist on the original term in the poem: "To curry Favel." Some sounds are signified by more than one letter. It had been so used for ages.V. The first part of this volume (September 1879) was produced as Project Gutenberg Ebook #30048. Q: Did religious people in Biblical times steeple their hands with touching fingertips under their chins while praying?

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